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Machine Learning Library for Sushi

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What is Tempura

Tempura is a machine learning library written in JavaScript, which is built on Sushi. Tempura provides efficient, simple, and powerful tools for data analysis.

Getting Started

In order to load codes in appropriate order while meeting dependency, assembling all codes to one file is necessary. It can be done by running following command.

$ cd your_repo_root/tempura
$ python

After that, tempura.js will be generated. When You use Tempura, this file should be loaded. You can understand how to use Tempura through demonstration. The only thing you have to do is to select method and run it. Data and parameters of model can be changed. In this demonstration, Soba, drawing library built on Sushi, is used to plot points and draw curves. For more information, see Tempura Documentation page.

More Information